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Discover the power of executive functioning skills and attention control through the “Executive Functioning Excellence: Skills for Success” Brochure Collection. Specifically designed for teachers, counselors, and parents, this invaluable resource provides a comprehensive exploration of key executive functioning skills for children, with a focus on ADHD.

Explore the critical concepts of “executive functioning skills” and “attention control” at the heart of this comprehensive brochure, supporting children’s growth and development. Gain insights into attention control and its profound significance in optimizing executive functioning for children, especially those with ADHD. With the support of skilled counselors and counseling interventions, children with ADHD can experience transformative growth in their executive functioning and attention control abilities. Unlock their true potential with this resource.


  • This brochure equips educators, counselors, and parents with practical tips and strategies to nurture super focus and enhance attention control. Benefit from the following informative sections:
  • Understand the essence of attention control, unraveling its definition and importance in supporting children’s cognitive abilities and overall well-being.
  • Discover a range of effective tips for fostering super focus, enabling children to navigate distractions and maximize their attention control capabilities.
  • Engage with a captivating real-life scenario that sheds light on attention control challenges. Reflective questions accompany the scenario, empowering readers to analyze, strategize, and develop personalized solutions.
  • Encourage self-reflection and self-assessment with the section titled “Learning more about my Attention Control Questions,” where children can explore their unique attention control strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Conclude each brochure on a motivational and inspiring note with a carefully selected quote, fueling the belief in children’s potential to excel in their executive functioning skills.