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Bubble Gum Numbers Play-dough Mats have numbers, counting graphics,
and ten frames. This activity will help children learn number
recognition and counting; it will also give children fine motor skills
practice. Laminate the mats and cut out along the border; place the
mats in your manipulatives center alongside play-dough. Allow children
to use play-dough to form numbers. Allow children to form balls with
play-dough to place over the gumballs to count. One set of mats has a
gumball machine with a number of gumballs in the machine that matches
the numeric number. The other set of mats has a ten frame on each mat;
the ten frame has a number of circles that matches the numeric number.
Ten frame mats are also decorated with a child blowing bubble gum.
Children can create play-dough gumballs to place over the gumballs in
the gumball machine; or they may place their play-dough gumballs on the
ten frame. After they place their gumballs on the mat; the children may
then count to figure out the number. This activity comes with ten
gumball pages, and ten bubble gum kid with ten frames pages for a total
of twenty page options.

⭐ Standards used in this resource are Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Standards: Preschooler Domains.

Preschooler Mathematics Development: Counting and Cardinality

Goal P-MATH 1. Child knows number names and the count sequence.

Goal P-MATH 2. Child recognizes the number of objects in a small set.

Goal P-MATH 3. Child understands the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Preschooler Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Fine Motor

Goal P-PMP 3. Child demonstrates increasing control, strength, and coordination of small muscles.


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