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Bugs & Insects Puzzles & Games Bundle PK-K

Celebrate End of Year with these great puzzles and games. Get kids out of their seats by playing resources through an interactive board.

1. Bugs & Insects Jigsaw Puzzle Collection for Kids PK-K

Jigsaw Collection:

Great fun activity; 5 jigsaws per set. 400 x 400, 9 pieces against the timer (1 minute 40 seconds). Good for hand/eye coordination & fine motor skills. (Adobe Reader 9 or above)

Note: I have included an HTML version which scatters the pieces making it more challenging, however sometimes the pieces seem to be hidden behind the timer, so click reset before starting the quiz to make sure you can see them all. To use this version right-click on the index file and open in your selected browser and make sure you keep all files inside the folder, do not separate them.

This resource can be played through an interactive whiteboard or added to individual classroom computers.

2. Bugs & Insect Matching Pairs Game PK-K:

An interactive matching game, match the images, time limit 100 seconds. (Adobe Reader 9 or above).

One attempt allowed but can be played over and over to achieve the best score. The highest possible score is 100. Aids memory retention.

Can be added to individual classroom computers or run through an interactive board.

3.Bugs & Insects Word Search Puzzles for Kids PK-K

Great starter activity to learn words associated with Bugs & Insects. These interactive and printable Word search puzzles enhance fine motor skills and help with spellings. Same set of words – 2 different puzzles in lowercase letters & uppercase letters.

All materials allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

  • printable copy

  • interactive puzzles with and without timings (double click the index.html file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

  • Set of answers

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display interactive puzzles when tested)

Can be added to individual classroom computers or run through an interactive board.

4. Bugs & Insects – Hangman Games PK-G4

1. Easy

2. Hard

3. Hardest

Each game is timed at 75 seconds per word; sounds can be a little annoying!

Choose a category from the drop-down menu. Close and reopen to play/select a new game.

Provided in interactive pdf format (Acrobat Reader 9 or later). Answers included (see image preview).

5. Bugs & Insects PK-K Snap Cards – BONUS

Laminate cards, cut up and then use to play snap card game or memory challenge game.

All Images: sourced under Creative Commons CC0.

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