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Create Connections!! Here is a student interactive food chain and food web activity to interpret interactions between producers and consumers. Using 18 images of plants and animals, the students use yarn to interconnect food chains with the entire class in this exciting activity! 

This set of pages can be used for several activities that include concepts about food chains, food webs, consumers vs. producers, the different levels of consumers, herbivores vs. carnivores vs. omnivores and autotrophs vs. heterotrophs. There is also a page on pollution to have the discussion started about what happens to the entire ecosystem when part of it is damaged.

I have used this activity for second graders all the way up through 6th grade with fun results.

There are 18 Illustrated slides drawn with my original clipart and each consumer has a list of who it eats and who eats it. For the lower classes you may have to prompt them with that information but with the older classes I tend to let them figure it out themselves.

Included with this set are the directions for several different activities that you can use with the materials. The food chains are mapped out for the teacher and detailed directions are given for how to create the food web with the students sitting in a circle on the floor with yarn. What better way to have the students learn this important concept?

Updated: Reflection questions added.