Item description

If you are looking to purchase multiple products from my store, but you don’t quite see the bundle that fits your needs, you can now build your own custom bundle and save up to 25% off! You can build your custom bundle with any resources in my store, except current bundles.

Build Your Own Bundle Steps:

1. Choose five products or more.

2. Email your list with a subject line “Custom Bundle Request” to [email protected]

3. Once your order is confirmed, it will be posted on MBT within 24-48 hours and email will be sent to you with the link and information on how to access your bundle.

4. You can purchase and download by clicking on my Build Your Own Bundle category ( in the left margin of my MBT store).

✔️Custom bundles up to $99.99 = 20% off

✔️Custom bundles $100 and over = 25% off

Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Custom bundles must total a minimum of $15 before the discount
  • Current bundles that are in my store cannot be included in your custom bundles (only individual items)
  • Custom bundles are not subject to sale prices (e.g. TpT or store sales)