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Celebrate the love of learning with this Valentine’s Day Bundle! This collection includes 18 literacy and math activities and games for your students to enjoy, including counting, math, tracing, writing, shapes, time-telling, letter recognition, and alphabet matching. Each activity is designed to be engaging, fun, and interactive. Perfect for preschoolers to second graders, these LOW PREP to NO PREP worksheets, printables, task cards, clip cards, and matching games are a great way to get kids learning and having fun during this holiday season. Make learning a sweet experience with this must-have Valentine’s Day Bundle! The activities in this bundle focus on the following skills:

Math Skills:

  • Counting
  • Number recognition 0-12
  • Five frames
  • Ten frames
  • Telling time by the hour
  • Telling time to the half hour
  • Basic addition to 12
  • Missing sums
  • Missing addends

Literacy Skills:

  • Capital and lowercase letter recognition
  • Beginning letter sounds
  • Reading
  • Tracing
  • Handwriting
  • Recording sheets (for task card activities)
  • Answer keys (for task card activities)


This BUNDLE Resource Includes:

  • 18 products
  • 409 pages


❤️ Product 1: Valentine’s Day A-Z Memory Match Large Floor Game for PreK-1st

❤️ Product 2: Valentine’s Day Alphabet Match Mystery Puzzles for Kindergarten to 2nd Grades

❤️ Product 3: Valentine’s Day Capital and Lowercase Beginning Letter Recognition Clip Cards

❤️ Product 4: Valentine’s Day Clip Cards Telling Time by the HOUR Task Cards

❤️ Product 5: Valentine’s Day Clip Cards Telling Time to the HALF HOUR Task Cards

❤️ Product 6: Valentine’s Day Counting Teen Numbers 11-20 Task Cards 1:1 Correspondence

❤️ Product 7: Valentine’s Day Math 0-5 Frames Memory Match Large Floor Game for PreK-1st

❤️ Product 8: Valentine’s Day Math Activity Clip Cards Heart Dice Addition to 12 Task Cards

❤️ Product 9: Valentine’s Day Math Center Task Cards Counting Chocolates 0-10 Clip Cards

❤️ Product 10: Valentine’s Day Math Center Task Cards Counting Flowers 0-6 Clip Cards

❤️ Product 11: Valentine’s Day Math Task Cards Adding with Ten Frames Kindergarten 1st Grade

❤️ Product 12: Valentine’s Day NO PREP Counting Sets Count and Color Worksheets 1-5

❤️ Product 13: Valentine’s Day NO PREP Counting Sets Count and Color Worksheets 6-10

❤️ Product 14: Valentine’s Day NO PREP Cut and Paste Math Activity Heart Dice Addition to 12

❤️ Product 15: Valentine’s Day Number Sense Sort and Match 1-6 Math Center Activity

❤️ Product 16: Valentine’s Day Picture Tracing NO PREP Pre-Writing Fine Motor Activity

❤️ Product 17: Valentine’s Day Shapes Memory Match Large Floor Game for PreK-1st

❤️ Product 18: Valentine’s Day Task Cards Math Activity Count and Clip Cards 1-10


A Perfect Resource for:

  1. Preschoolers/Pre-K
  2. Kindergarteners
  3. First Graders
  4. Second Graders
  5. Homeschoolers
  6. Early Intervention


Ways to Use This Resource:

  1. Whole group
  2. Small groups
  3. Alphabet/Literacy Centers
  4. Math Centers
  5. Fine Motor Centers
  6. 1:1 instruction for early intervention
  7. Morning/Bell work
  8. Early finishers
  9. Busy bags


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