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Top Selling Course on TeachersPayTeachers!

*Please note this product is not just a bundle of activities and projects; this is a professional course created to meet national standards and gives teachers and students everything they need from day one of class to finals. No textbooks or outside resources are needed. Please read below to see what is included and how our courses will help you rest easy this school year!*

Course Highlights:
  • One-time purchase with continued free updates
-We will always share free updates with you.
  • Shared Google Drive Folder for the entire course.
  • This course can be taught in the classroom or online!
  • Absolutely NO PREP Required of the teacher!
  • 50 days of lessons for 84-minute classes!
  • Over 300 materials to teach this class!
  • All materials are editable to meet your classroom needs!
  • Everything you need from day 1 of class to finals. 
  • All lessons incorporate Technology/ Real-World Application
  • The course provides differentiated instruction and mastery in content.

This is a SEMESTER COURSE with daily lesson plans for business communications, that we have created ourselves. This is an introductory course designed to give students an overview of Business Communications. They will develop skills that are expected of professionals in any workplace. These skills will help them effectively communicate and interact with others, no matter which job or career path they choose.
This course will cover a variety of different business communications topics.
Students will demonstrate their understanding of Business Communications through class presentations, infographics, videos, notes, worksheets, group and individual projects, presentations, research, activities, and assessments.

Students will learn and develop the skills of these subjects (note there are multiple mini-lessons within each unit:
– Keyboarding
– Business Communications Basics

*Verbal Communication
*Non-Verbal Communication
*Importance of Business Communication and expectations
*Written Communication
*Electronic Communication
*Active Listener
*How to handle miscommunication and de-escalating an arguments
*Lifelong learner

– Business Professionalism
*What is professionals and professionalism and the significance
*Workplace Ethics
*Appearance in the workplace
*Attitude/Desirable Traits
*Time Management & Goal Setting

– Careers
*Career and Personal Life
*Evaluate & Research
*Personal Evaluation
*Working Conditions
*Financial Rewards
*Psychological Rewards
*Relationships at Work
*Job Applications

– Presentations
*What businesses expect from presentations
*Advice & Tips for presenting professionally
*Creating Presentations using PowerPoint or Google Slides

– Written Communications
*Different types of written communications in the workplace
*Business Writing Essentials
*Formal Business Letters
*Editing and Revising
*Creating different types of written communications

– Electronic Communications
*Different types of Electronic Communications
*How to communicate professionally on electronics
*Instant messages & text messages
*Online Calendars
*Phonecalls and voice messages
*Video Conference Calls
*Social Media & Networking
*Creating and using the different types of electronic communications

If you buy this package here is what you will be receiving:
Detailed Daily Lesson Plans (50days)
-NBEA Standards for each unit
-Objectives for each unit
-Daily Step by Step Instructions for the Teacher for the whole 50 days
-All Included Daily Materials for Each Lesson

· Items that go with the daily lesson plans:

-Fill in the blank Notes
-Study Guides
-Review Game using Quizlet.com
-Individual and Group Activities with every Unit
-Assignments with every Unit
-Answer Keys
-Student Examples
-Daily Exit Topics
Important: This course is intended for class periods that are 84 minutes long, so depending on how long your classes are and the pace that your students can learn will change how many days it will take your class to get through this semester’s course. Remember that everything is editable, therefore it is important for you, as the teacher, to be responsible for editing and adapting all of these materials to meet your student’s needs.

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