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Calendar Cards Favorite Children’s Literature Characters!

These Calendar Cards are filled with student’s favorite Book Characters! They’ll get a kick out of noticing characters from their favorite literature! This is a set of 1-31 (3 times) FAVORITE CHILDREN’S LITERATURE CHARACTERS inspired Calendar Cards. You also get the 12 month headers. Calendar cards are great for pocket chart calendars, pattern sequences, calendar time, morning meeting, math time and just great class decor! The cards are approximately 2 1/2″ x 21/2″ sized. Please see preview.


This product includes:


Cards 1-9 (3 sets with mixed characters)

Cards 10-18 (3 sets with mixed characters)

Cards 19-27 (3 sets with mixed characters)

Cards 28-31 (3 sets with mixed characters and some empty cards)

*Some images are repeated.

The variety allows you to pick and choose the sets you like, or just mix them up from month to month.

The cards without numbers and/or blank cards can be used to write in student’s birthdays, Holidays, or Special Events.

You can also use these cards during MATH TALK/NUMBER TALK or MATH SMALL GROUP. Teacher holds up a numbered card, asks students questions.

One More?

One Less?

Ten More?

Ten Less?

Double it

Double +1

Double -1

Take 3 cards and order them.

Counting on the next 3 numbers

Counting backwards to 1

Even vs. Odd

Begin at this number and skip count forward by 3, 5, 10

Before & After