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This HUGE bundle of printables includes a wide variety of differentiated worksheets for students to practice identifying coins and bills, counting and representing money amounts, and making change for simulated purchases. All of the worksheets allow students to practice using amounts with coins up to 100 or 200 cents, and bill and coins up to $200. This package was specifically designed to address the financial literacy expectations in the new Ontario grades 1, 2, 3 curriculum, but works well for anyone wishing to learn about Canada’s currency. All worksheets are differentiated and scaffolded to work well for ALL students – including those working at grade level, working at various levels within the expectation, or for a student to work their way up to meeting the full expectation. Note that these worksheets do NOT include the penny.

This bundle includes 3 products:

Gr. 1 Identifying Canadian Coins & Bills Worksheets

Gr. 2 Counting and Representing Canadian Money Worksheets

Gr. 3 Making Change with Canadian Money Worksheets

These worksheets break the larger expectations into smaller increments to allow an entry point for all students learning to use money. All worksheets in this package are differentiated and work great for ALL students, whether they are working at grade level, working their way up to meeting the full expectation, or for students working on a modified curriculum.

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