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This set of 3 worksheets provides plenty of practice capitalizing titles.

Students rewrite sentences, adding correct capitalization of titles of books, movies, music, and works of art, as well as other proper nouns in the sentences.

Worksheets can be used together or separately, and are great for supplementation of regular lessons, review, or extra practice. They can be used as in-class or take-home assignments.

Designed for Grades 3 and 4. They also work great as review for Grade 5.

Supports Common Core Standards L.3.2a, L.4.2a


This resource is formatted for use with Google Drive. The content is not editable, but there are text boxes for students to write their answers. (Text boxes are colored a light gray.)

This resource is also available in PDF format: Capitalizing Titles – 3 Practice Worksheets – Grades 3-4-5