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Do you need some activities to practice reading in Spanish? These NO PREP printing activities help your students learn to read the letter S. These worksheets are engaging and motivating. These 36 phonics pages can be used as an independent literacy center or distant learning resource. This is an ideal silabario resource for introducing or reviewing Spanish literacy with your K-2 students. It is designed to help your students become experts in learning how to read. Only the known letters are used. The students have the feeling to accomplish something since they are able to read everything at the end of this unit.



– Letter identification

– Writing uppercase and syllable formation

– Writing lowercase and syllable formation

– Syllable color by code

– Initial syllable identification

– Picture color by code

– Writing the initial syllable or all the knowing letters

– Text to read that only contains knowing letters

– Tracing and writing the sentences from the text

Dictado using words

Dictado using sentences

– Control sheets for the dictados.

– ABC to mark all the knowing letters

– Chart with how to write the letter in uppercase and lowercase.

– Chart with the syllables.


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