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Measure reading comprehension and support analysis of Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger (chapters 10-12) with this bundle, which features a plot-based quiz and close reading exercises. Answer keys are included. Materials are delivered in both Word Document and PDF formats. By engaging in these exercises, students will:

  • Articulate what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Explain the significance of a given detail
  • Write with clarity, logic, and precision
  • Cite relevant textual evidence in support of claims
  • Explore character motivations
  • Compare Allie and Phoebe
  • Analyze the author’s word choices to discern meaning in context
  • Verify interpretations of language using reference materials such as a dictionary or thesaurus
  • Apply knowledge of situational irony and understatement
  • Articulate how Holden can discern that the three women at the club are tourists
  • Identify several specific ways in which the three women do not live up to Holden’s standards
  • Articulate how Holden goads one of the women into showing her gullibility
  • Articulate how the three women demonstrate cleverness
  • Articulate how Holden wishes to be perceived, as well as how he is actually perceived
  • Analyze the significance of a tense shift in Holden’s language
  • Identify several of Jane’s eccentricities that Holden finds endearing
  • Compare Jane and Holden’s methods of dealing with trauma
  • Discern tone in context
  • Make logical inferences about Holden’s manner of referring to others
  • Explain how Holden exhibits psychological projection in his conversation with the cab driver
  • Identify the nature of Lillian’s connection to D.B.
  • Articulate what Holden implies about Lillian’s personality in the context of an excerpt
  • Identify Holden’s personal reason for disliking Lillian’s date
  • Articulate how Holden feels widespread praise affects art
  • Articulate how Ernie reinforces Holden’s opinions on how praise affects art