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These task cards come with a fun twist: They’re pictures! Have your students examine the earth processes in the pictures and determine the causes and effects of what the pictures show. There is a differentiated version, too! Practice science, reading, and writing all in one activity!

This product covers the following terminology and related concepts:

✓ 28 task cards

✓ Constructive and destructive earth processes

✓ Earthquakes

✓ Mountain building

✓ Island building

✓ Volcanoes

✓ Landslides

✓ Tsunamis

✓ Flooding

✓ Wind erosion

✓ Glaciers

✓ Water erosion

✓ Deposition

✓ Physical weathering

✓ Chemical weathering

With This Product You’ll Get:

✓ Differentiated task cards to meet all learners

✓ Implementation of reading and writing skills and strategies

✓ Answer sheet (it’s recommended to check students’ reasoning in their answers)

How You Can Use This Product:

✓ Small groups

✓ Partner work

✓ Individual work

✓ Homework

✓ Literary centers

✓ Science centers