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Encourage critical thinking and analysis of historical events through this Google Slides Activity about the Revolutionary War! This resource is perfect for upper elementary social studies classrooms. Students will read a variety of online texts and watch videos to learn about the causes of the American Revolution. Throughout their exploration, they will decide if they agree with the actions of the colonists and King George III. At the end of this resource, students decide if they would be a Patriot or a Loyalist based on the information that they have learned.

Your students will need access to YouTube and Google Slides to use this product. All videos are linked directly to YouTube.

This Exploration Includes:

↠ 10 engaging Google Slides pages with links to video and kid-friendly texts

↠ Topics Covered:

French and Indian War

Colonists’ frustrations with the king

“No taxation without representation”

Stamp Act

Sugar Act

Townshend Acts

Boston Massacre

Tea Act

Boston Tea Party

The Intolerable Acts

Sons of Liberty

First Continental Congress

King’s Proclamation of 1775

Patriots vs Loyalists

↠ Answer Key

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This resource is great for:

✓ Independent Work

✓ Distance Learning, eLearning

✓ Social Studies Centers

✓ Computer Lab or Technology Class

✓ Frontloading Content

✓ Summative Assignment