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The following includes over 45 CBT Statements that can be utilized within or out of a session. These are great to counteract negative thoughts by helping an individual to identify unhelpful thoughts, patterns and behaviour and alter them to more effectively work towards their goals. The aim is to change thought patterns, both conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes and ultimately behaviour to help face difficulties and achieve goals.

This resource has been used in many ways. One way is by printing out each of the CBT statements and putting them in a jar. The student or client can take out a random statement when they feel that they need to refocus. There is a blank page of blank cards for the student or client to write down their own idiosyncratic statements. These can be written together in therapy or as homework. Laminate each of the thoughts and you can utilize this resource for years to come. This is a great activity that is versatile so can be used in many ways!

NOTE: Modern CBT is moving away from the use of “negative thoughts” lingo and instead framing thoughts as either helpful or unhelpful for the individual. Please keep this in mind when implementing this resource.