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Try this Characteristics of Life Activities Foldable Review resource to help your students nail down the 8 life activities/processes.


Here’s what you get with your download:

  • Directions to make the review foldable with illustrations
  • Specific information to include for each life activity (growth, transport, synthesis, excretion, reproduction, regulation, nutrition, and cellular respiration).
  • Pdf with teacher suggestions and a link to the Google form quiz

This review foldable is easy to make. All you need is 4 sheets of plain or colored paper and a stapler. The directions give students basic information to include for each life activity. They can then use highlighters or colored pencils to add any other information and drawings they might find useful to help them remember. This can be done as a class activity, homework, or informal assessment.

There’s also a Google form quiz to check their understanding.


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