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Need to teach your students to identify elements, compounds and mixtures? This lesson has relatable examples and understanding checks to help students learn the differences! The chemistry lesson emphasizes conversation with notes to help them compare using their understanding of atoms and molecules, structure, chemical symbols and chemical formulas. 42 slide presentation allows for informal assessments throughout. Student note pages help keep students organized and on track as well (teacher key of filled-in notes included). Be sure your class covers this key chemistry knowledge!

Objective: To identify elements based on chemical symbols and location on the periodic table. Know the differences between elements, compounds and mixtures. Learn how chemical formulas represent compounds and molecules.

Science Concepts: Compare and contrast elements and compounds in terms of atoms, molecules, structure, chemical symbols, and chemical formulas. Learn how matter is classified as elements, compounds, homogeneous mixtures, and heterogeneous mixtures.

Lesson and Teacher Tips: This lesson is a set of notes, with student interactions and checkpoints built in. Under the slides in the speaker notes section are some additional teacher tips and the last slides also has resources to help guide you in teaching this lesson. Understanding checks are built in to informally assess knowledge within the lesson.

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