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Use this China picture book, organized in ABC format, to teach about Chinese culture, the geography of China, and Chinese history. Each page of this informational text contains 1 letter of the alphabet and a word connected to China that begins with that letter. Written in easy-to-understand paragraphs, every word is also illustrated with at least 1 photograph. Your students will learn about 26 different topics when they read the entire book!

Resource at a Glance:
What will students learn and do?
* After reading information paragraphs, students answer comprehension questions.
* Students learn 26 facts about Chinese history, geography, and culture.
* Students practice categorizing by sorting the facts into logical groups.
* Students write acrostic poems about China.
Who is it for?
* All students learning about China, especially English Language Learners and students reading below grade level.
How does it help teachers?
* The format provides an easy way to introduce China to your students.
* It includes reading, writing, speaking, and grammar activities.
* You can use the paragraphs to teach about linking and transition words, comparatives and superlatives, and relative clauses.
* A pronunciation guide tells you and your students how to say the Chinese words.


What you get in this product:

★ A Table of Contents for easy reference (1 page)
★ A Notes to the Teacher section with explanatory information (2 pages)
★ Alphabetically organized facts about the country, with illustrations — the actual ABC book about China (26 pages)
★ A list of the ELA Common Core standards addressed by this product (3 pages)
★ A table showing three types of language structures that can be found in the ABC China book’s text (2 pages)
★ A page with discussion questions about the main idea and supporting details in the ABC China book (1 page)
★ Two templates for writing an acrostic poem about China (2 pages)
★ A page listing suggested categories for sorting the A – Z words in the ABC China book (1 page)
★ A guide to pronouncing all the Chinese words in the ABC China book (1 page)

More Info:

You can use this ABC China book for a whole class read-aloud or for independent reading by your students. You can also use this informational text to complement lessons when reading literature about China. Or use it in a social studies class to provide supplemental information about China. The sentences in this book are written so both younger, native English-speaking students and upper elementary and middle school English Language Learners who are at an intermediate level of English proficiency and up can comprehend them.

Besides giving your students information about Chinese culture and society, 4 language tasks are included in this product:

1) Identify 3 types of language structures. You can either point out the structures themselves or ask their students to identify them. Transitions and linking words, comparatives and superlatives, and relative clauses are all used in the book’s sentences. When students understand how and why these words and phrases are used, they are better able to comprehend informational texts. A table that identifies which language structures are used with each letter’s sentences is included in the product.

2) Questions asking students to identify the main idea and details of the paragraphs. These questions can be answered in writing or orally. They can be done individually, in pairs, in small groups, or as a whole class.

3) Write an acrostic poem about China. Two templates are included for doing that, one with a title and one without. You can select the style they prefer.

4) Sort the 26 words in the ABC book into categories. Nine categories are suggested and you can also create your own–or tell students to create categories–if you wish.

After teaching in China for three and a half years, I was inspired to create a book that will give students interesting information about China past and present. This product can help address ELA Common Core standards in reading informational texts, reading history/social science texts, reading for fluency and accuracy, determining main ideas and details, and summarizing a written text.

Welcome China into your classrooms and learn about this important country with this ABC book!


Thank you and happy teaching!

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