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Reignite your students’ interest in reading and writing as they create a story with multiple paths and possible endings in MS Word, and then animate it using MS PowerPoint. Students get a chance to read each other’s work as they peer review it too.

This project-based learning assignment gives students a fun way to express themselves using both English/Language arts skills along with technology.

This interactive story project is usually one of the lessons my students mention in their end-of-year reflection as one of their favorites. I hope your students enjoy it too!

Choose Your Own Adventure – Creative Writing & Technology Animation Project

This lesson is great for distance learning/remote learning. You can upload it to your school’s learning management system (Google Classroom, Edmodo, Canvas, etc.) or share with students via Google Drive.

Project Duration (approximate)
• Introduction to the Lesson: Review expectations, overview of the program – .5-1 (50 minute) class period
• Story draft – 1-3 (50 minute) class periods
• Complete story creation template – 1-2 (50 minute) class periods
• Peer review and revisions – 1-2 (50 minute) class periods
• PowerPoint animation creation – 2-3 (50 minute) class periods
• Presentations to the class of each project (optional): Time will vary depending on class size and time allotted for discussion of each presentation.