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This 21 slide PowerPoint (available in both PowerPoint and Google Slides) analyzes the Christian worldview and compares it to 6 other worldviews: Naturalism, Pantheism, Utopianism, Polytheism, Postmodernism, and Deism. It is designed for a high school or college level presentation, to be used as an introduction to any unit of study which focuses on the concept of worldview. (I personally designed it for use with my high school Bible class at a Christian school).

In addition to providing descriptions of the central beliefs of each worldview, the PowerPoint also discusses real-world examples and compares the worldview to that of Biblical Christianity. Detailed speaker notes have been included on each slide, which can either be read verbatim to a class or adjusted as needed by the speaker. I have also included the PowerPoint in PDF form.

Feedback in the form of a product review is welcomed. I hope you find this PowerPoint helpful!