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Valentine’s Day I Have, Who Has? Game with 28 cards. Students must count 1-10, identify the drawing and its color on their cards. This game is challenging because the students should pay attention to the 3 pieces of information: drawing, number and color(s)! Perfect to teach children to listen to each other and that every word is important! This is a very relevant activity to develop the mathematical thinking of the children.

Colors to recognize in this product: red, pink, blue, yellow

How it works?

Distribute cards to students.

Pick a student that starts the game by reading the question part of the game “Who Has?”. The student for example asks “Who has 7 red arrows?”.

Other students look at their cards, the part “I have”, and the one who has the 7 red arrows, replies with “I have the 7 red arrows” and continues the game by reading the part “Who has?” of the card.

The game ends when all cards are called or can continue as long as you want!

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