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Christmas Around the World Reading and Writing

Includes information for 12 countries around the world and
their Christmas traditions. With ESL classes in mind, the information handouts
have been provided in 2 different levels of difficulty. The activity was
designed as a round the room style activity, where the country information
sheets should be posted around the classroom and students move around locating
the answers to the questions provided. For those not wanting a round the room
style activity, the information has also been provided on reading pages for
individuals. I have included two different difficulty sets of short questions,
some longer thoughts and opinions questions, and an essay style question.
Answers to the short questions have also been provided.

Included in the download:

Information Handout

Information Handout Easier Version

Reading Comprehension Questions Handout

Reading Comprehension Answers

Reading Comprehension Easier Questions Handout

Reading Comprehension Easier Version Answers

Reading Comprehension Individual Handout

Reading Comprehension Easier Individual Handout

Writing Comprehension Questions Handout

I hope your students enjoy learning about Christmas around
the world as much as mine have.