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Entice your children with this fun NO PREP Christmas project
based learning
resource. These activities will have your students more engaged
and excited about writing, art and presenting than ever before and
can be used on your bulletin board! Through this
step by step process,
your students will develop their reading,
writing, listening and speaking skills

Everything you need to teach your children about cultural
diversity is included in this easy to use printable. Your students will
also acquire real life skills like creating a shopping list, planning
for events, and creating a job application form.

If you do one activity a day, you’ll have enough for a
month. If you choose to do two activities a day, this will last you about 2.5
weeks. Imagine not having to prep during this when the energy is so high.
Just print and go.

This 6 step process includes the following in both, colour
and black and white:

  •          Design Santa’s Workshop
  •         Get Ready For Tourists
  •         Prepare for Christmas
  •      Christmas Entertainment
  •          Presentation.
  •         Reflection Guide.

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