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These Christmas centers for the 5 senses are easy and fun! You set up each page at a center! Each page represents one of the five senses.

You can add to the experience by bringing in more sensory things. I made real gingerbread men this year and they sprayed their pages with cinnamon, then came and decorated real gingerbread men! Have fun with it!


Each page is part of the poem “Little Elf, Little Elf what do you see?”


•Little Elf, Little Elf, What do you see? Shimmering lights on the Christmas tree.

Kids will add glitter to the Christmas lights. I add real lights to the center for extra


•Little Elf, Little Elf, What do you hear? Sleigh bells ringing on Santa’s reindeer.

Kids add a bell to the reindeer or make a bell bracelet to jingle. Sing Jingle Bells
with their bracelet instruments!


•Little Elf, Little Elf, What do you feel? Santa’s soft beard, it feels so real.

Kids add cotton balls to the beard. I put them in a sensory bin with colored pom-
poms and they pick out the white ones!


•Little Elf, Little Elf, What do you smell? Gingerbread cooking and decorated well!

Kids can spray the gingerbread man with cinnamon spray, great small motor
practice, and have them decorate the gingerbread once dry!


•Little Elf, Little Elf, What do you eat? Candy canes so crunchy and sweet.

Kids can use a hole puncher and punch out the holes, some may need help.
They will lace the candy cane with a red ribbon or yarn. Once completed, I give
them a candy cane to have at the end of the party! The perfect end to our
Christmas party!