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Do you need fun math activities for February and Valentines Day. This CSI Math Mystery Detective will engage your students on this special day. A Valentine’s Day card has been left inside a student’s desk and nobody knows who left it there. Students solve addition and subtraction problems to discover who.

This Valentine’s Day Math Mystery includes:

  • 3 Digit addition and subtraction with regrouping
  • 2 Digit addition and subtraction with regrouping
  • 10 more 10 less, 100 more 100 less, 1000 more 1000 less
  • True or false addition equation problems
  • Adding multiple addends together

These math mysteries are designed for second, third, and fourth grade students. Could also be used with struggling fifth grade students that need a little extra work and reinforcement in adding and take aways (or advanced, gifted and talented second grade). I also leave some of the mysteries for my sub teacher.

Math Mysteries are an independent escape room (or crack the code) type of activity where instead of using locks, students identify suspects with puzzles and word problems. This mystery is perfect for Valentines Day and the Months of January, February, and March. Can be used as a Valentines Day activity for both hemispheres (winter and summer). February 14th.

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