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Christmas in Mexico – This NO PREP Webquest / Research Task with an ANSWER KEY, gives students the opportuinity to learn about Christmas in Mexico, and Mexican Christmas traditions, starting with Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe, and ending with La Candelaria.

Students will research and learn about the following:

  • The Mexican Christmas Season
  • Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe
  • Las Posadas
  • Nacimientos
  • Pastorelas
  • Noche de Rábanos
  • Nochebuena
  • Traditional Foods
  • Navidad
  • Dia de los Santos Inocentos
  • Dia de Lod Tres Reyes Magos

They also get to:

  • Plan their own traditional Mexican Christmas Feast
  • Compare and constrast Mexican traditions and customs with their own.
  • Share how Christmas is celebrated in their countries.

Take a look at the preview to get an idea of the resource.

  • Activities and Tasks – 12 pages
  • Suggested answers are included – 12


– INDIVIDUAL TASK: Students could do the tasks individually.

– GROUP TASK: Split the class into groups. Each group researches and then reports on, for example, food, traditions etc.

Students will need access to the internet. They can use any print or online resources to complete the tasks.

I have read through the resources many times, but if you see or come across any mistakes, please let me know so that I can fix it. I would love feedback on these resources, please – THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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