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Think dive into the world of Christmas Kindness! Thought-provoking questions and problem-solving activities.


How would you design a Big Christmas Kindness Machine?


These activities are engaging and fun!


The package contains:

1. Question cards and Kindness vouchers

2.Things I Love about Christmas

3. Things other people and animal love about Christmas

4.Things some people may lack during Christmas

5, Things some animals may lack during Christmas

6. What is kindness? Make a list of Acts of Kindness

7. Make a list of Kindness Words and Create your own Kindness Words.

8. Where in your body do you feel kindness?

9. How can you Spread Christmas Kindness wherever you go?

10 How can you randomly spread Christmas kindness?

11. Can you write Heart-Shaped Poems?

12. Design a machine that spreads kindness.

13. What if a Christmas kindness machine breaks? How could you repair it?

14. How can you do kind things every day?

15, How can you Dream Big about the Festive Season?

16. How can you spread your Big Dreams about the Festive Season?

17. Design a Big Christmas Kindness Machine

18. Acrostic Poem

19. What if. . . make kindness snow

20. What if. . .

21, Design a flying machine that can spread Christmas Spirit.

22. How would you design a Spread Christmas Kindness and Love board game?


Product Format:

• This download is a PDF and is formatted in US Letter size. If you would prefer an alternate sizing, A4 size or spelling (colour vs color etc.), please leave me a note in the ‘ask a question section of my store’.


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