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This collection of Christmas-themed activities is perfect for December! A great way to keep students busy while learning and having fun! Or send it home during Christmas break to keep your students’ minds engaged during the holidays!




  • Correct the sentence w/answer key.
  • Beginning Digraph Families (ch, wh, sh, th) w/answer key
  • Ending Digraph Families (sh, th, ch) with answer key
  • Beginning Blends (pr, sl, tr) (br, st, dr) with answer keys
  • Ending Blends (ck, st, ng) (lf, sk, nk) w/answer keys
  • Missing Short Vowel Sounds w/answer key
  • Missing Long Vowel Sounds w/answer key
  • Which Word? Choose the correct spelling w/answer keys
  • Letter Swap! w/answer key.
  • How Many Syllables? 1 & 2 syllables cut and paste sort.
  • Alphabetical Order –w/answer key. 3 versions.
  • Christmas Kindness ideas. 3 Christmas Writing Prompts.
  • Christmas mini-book about plurals with a review.


  • Complete the patterns.
  • Can you spot the difference?
  • Count down the 25 days until Christmas.
  • Fill in the missing numbers 1-120 w/answer key.
  • Which Equation is correct? w/answer keys.
  • True or False? Equations w/answer keys.
  • 10 frame addition to 20 w/answer keys.
  • I can measure pages! Use paperclips or snap blocks to measure the pictures.
  • Fraction pages.
  • Cookie Graph
  • Candy Collage/ Candy Collage Graph with Answer Key


You can find each of these math and literacy pack separately here.

Christmas Math Activities

Christmas Literacy Activities


This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!