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Looking for an engaging holiday activity that will get your students up, moving, and learning? Your students can practice forming PLURAL NOUNS with this fun Christmas Cookies Scavenger Hunt!

To use this as a scavenger hunt in your classroom you can display the 24 Christmas cookie cards around the room and allow students to move about the room finding the cookies and forming the plural in the correct category (add “s”, add “es”, irregular plurals, change “f” or “fe” to “v” and add es, and change “y” to “i” and add es) on their answer sheet.

You could also use this as a Scoot game by laying the cards out on student desks and allow students to rotate through the cards listing their answers on their answer sheet.

For added fun you could play holiday music during the activity!

Included in this FESTIVE resource you will find…

  • 24 Christmas cookie word cards

  • student recording sheet

  • answer key