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With this Christmas-themed science experiment, students will learn about how salt affects the freezing/melting point of water. First, they will read a short description of how Santa’s sleigh is trapped in ice. The elves arrive with several substances that might help: flour, sugar, and salt. Students write a hypothesis and then conduct an experiment to test which substance actually causes the ice to melt the fastest.



  • teacher instructions

  • student instructions

  • lab sheet

  • data sheet

There are 2 versions of the lab sheet. One has students identify the dependent and independent variables. The other does not. This allows you to differentiate and/or use this activity with different grade levels.


After conducting the experiment, students record and share their data and apply what they learned by answering a real-world question involving salt and ice.


This resource also includes a Christmas states of matter word scramble. Students read each clue and unscramble the letters to name the solid, liquid, or gas being described.