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Low prep visual perceptual and visual scanning Christmas packet. Visual scanning is a pre-requisite skill for so many learning activities including finding answers in books, reading left to right, copying from the board to paper, worksheets etc. This packet is great to use in your occupational therapy, speech therapy, or classroom activities.

10 Worksheets Total and Additional Answer Key

  • 5 Visual Scanning Scene Worksheets
    • Focus on finding items in scenes with over 150 items to find total
    • Incorporates visual scanning, figure ground, and form constancy skills
    • These worksheets are fun to use as a print and go OR laminate and use with manipulative/s, play dough, etc. My favorite way to use these is laminating and using with tongs and mini-erasers.
  • 5 Christmas Themed Visual Scanning Left to Right Worksheets
    • This worksheet is targeted at scanning left to right similar to scanning in a book or worksheet while reading or locating pertinent information
    • Incorporate into your therapy sessions or classroom to promote increased success with visual scanning
    • A fun activity for first finishers while targeting visual perceptual skills
    • There are over 60 items to find in these worksheets.