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Skip Counting Puzzles!

Christmas Winter Edition!

3 Different Puzzles

Skip Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s


Easy and ready to use! Print and cut the strips!


These fun math puzzle activities are best used for math centers, math reviews, spiral reviews, whole group activity, small group activity, partner work, table group competitions, or for early finishers!


This is also a great tool to use with students who need re-teaching or extra practice. It provides a great visual for students to correctly skip count and check their work by seeing if the picture is complete!


For a challenge to provide differentiated instruction, you can mix up all 3 puzzle pieces together in 1 bag to have a student, or group of students, try to put all 3 together at the same time! They will really need to know which numbers are used in each way of skip counting to complete them all at the same time. When they are finished, they will have 3 beautiful Winter and Christmas pictures of Christmas trees, bright colors, snowmen, candy canes, reindeer, and more!

I personally love to use this as a whole group game where we all work together as I moderate and have students take turns. This allows students to share different puzzle and skip counting processing skills out loud. Students can learn from one another! It is also a great way to scaffold instruction and practice together after the mini lesson and before independent work, or math workshop, begins.