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Great for Christmas Break Work. Aligned with Common Core Standards!

Keep your students’ minds engaged during the holidays!

This pack will keep your students learning while having fun!! 80 Literacy and math pages that are fun, interactive and engaging, plus a mini-book about Santa!



Punctuation / Answer Key

Short vowel CVC word families 1 for each vowel / Answer Key

Sort CVC word families (-at, -am, -ad, -ag, -ed, -et, -en, -eg, -in, -it, -ig, -ip, -og, -op, -ot, -ox, -un, -ug, -up, -ub)

I can spell! Write the missing short vowel sound for each pic / Answer Key

I can read! Choose the correct CVC word for each pic / Answer Key

How many syllables? Sort 1 & 2 syllable Christmas words.

Mini book. 15 half pages about Santa.

Writing Prompts

What I want for Christmas.

What can I give for Christmas?

I can be kind this Christmas by…

I love my family because…

Christmas Kindness: 15 ways you can show kindness,

Label Santa B/W and in Color

Santa Acrostic

Color by color words

Cookie Graph (graphing 3 items with questions)

Christmas Tree Graph (graphing 3 items with questions)

Christmas Tally Graph (count and tally 5 different objects) / Answer Key

Complete the pattern B/W and in Color for lamination and multiple uses.

Complete the Christmas Candy patterns B/W and Color for lamination and multiple uses.

Make a pattern

Santa Shadow match

I can count! Fill in the missing numbers from 1-25.

Match the number words with the correct number of objects.

Count base 10 blocks and write the number. 2pgs

Solve the addition problem with pictures / Answer Key

Solve the subtraction problem with pictures / Answer Key

I can measure! Use the picture ruler to measure classroom items / Answer Key 2 pgs.

Christmas Pie – How many pieces of the pie will you eat?

Make a Fraction: Half, fourth, and whole. 2 pgs.

Circle the correct fraction: Half, fourth, whole / Answer Key

Fraction Dissection / Answer Key 2 pgs.


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