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This Circulatory System unit is packed with activities, diagrams, foldables, worksheets, circulatory system task cards and more on the circulatory system.


❤️I love this unit SOOOOO much! So fun and presented in an entertaining manner and has a variety of activities so that kids are engaged. Love it! Thanks!”Stephanie Rausch.

❤️ “No words to say how much I loved this!”

❤️ “Used every page of this resource.” Thank you. Carrie F.

❤️ “My students were thoroughly engaged the entire time! Thank you”. Aimee B.

Included are:


❤️ The Daily Corpuscle – a 2 page Circulatory System newspaper whose humour will appeal to your students. A worksheet accompanies this.

❤️ The Blood Transport System

❤️ Veins, Arteries, Capillaries and worksheet

❤️ Structure of the Heart

❤️ How and Why blood is pumped

❤️ Label the Heart Worksheet

❤️ Pre-printed and blank Circulatory System foldable that your students can customise

❤️ The effect of exercise on heart rate activity

❤️ Factors Affecting the Heart Health

❤️ Circulatory System Cloze Test

❤️ Circulatory System Vocabulary Foldable

❤️ Circulatory System Task Cards (x 24)