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Your students can learn all about Clara Barton with my full-lesson product, containing differentiated worksheets that pair back to my YT video, where I teach the lesson for you! You can get your time back, guilt free OR if you need a sub plan, it’s perfect!
I keep students engaged by asking questions, exactly as I would if I
were in the classroom, THEN they get to show you what they learned when
you give them the worksheets to complete. Let’s face it, sometimes
kiddos do well with hearing another voice, AND you get a well needed
break to….work with another student, grade papers, or take a breather.
And for fun, there’s a crossword puzzle and coloring sheets at the

Differentiated by A & B levels. Mix and match as much as you choose.

YT link in product download as well: Clara Barton video



-First Aid Kit Filler

-Facts Sheet

-Writing Prompt

-Crossword Puzzle

-Coloring Pages

-Extra Misc. Sheet

In the book on YT, I always show the text on-screen so that emergent readers and ESL learners can follow along, and I engage the listeners with questions.
I try to mimic a classroom small group reading experience as much as
possible to encourage listening, patience, reading, and learning at
their level
. A kindergartner will learn new things…as well
as a third grader. The corresponding worksheets address the ideas and
concepts of each level, but if a child is an accelerated learner OR if
they need a simpler text, I have both for you to choose from. Mix and match as much as you need to. There’s something for everyone in your class regardless of their skill level.

Let me take over for a few….while you multi-task, or breathe!

Possible Uses:


*Daily 5


*Small/whole group

*Summer bridge

*…and more


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