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This EDITABLE Class Procedures Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to share your procedures and routines with your students without boring them! Get them up and out of their seats to search your room for information about your class procedures which they can record on their recording sheet.


Included in your download:

  • Editable Powerpoint with 16 slides (with blank ones to add your own)
  • Student Recording Sheet pdf
  • Student Recording Sheet editable Powerpoint
  • Teacher Suggestions

Suggestions for use: I like to print out each slide separately and place each one in a sheet protector. You could also laminate them. Then I place them around my room in strategic spots. I try to place certain ones near the spot in the room where the students will actually do the procedure … for example, I place the slide about “When Can I Sharpen My Pencil” near the pencil sharpener!


Another suggestion is to print out the slides as a handout and let the students work in pairs to complete the recording sheet if you prefer to not have them out of their seats.


Then we go over the answers as a class and discuss everything.


I have found this is a great way to introduce my procedures to my students at the beginning of the year without making their eyes glaze over! I hope you and your students enjoy this too.