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Item description

Classic Psychology Theories and Experiments Task Cards – Set 1 is a set of multiple-choice styled questions that cover the topics most often taught in introductory or first year psychology courses.

The questions can be used as:

  • Task cards to be placed around the room
  • For small group discussion
  • For individual or small group research
  • For summative assessment
  • For assessment revision or formative assessment
  • For a diagnostic assessment for 2nd year or more advanced psychology courses
  • A foundation for educators to develop a unit plan from since the theories, theorists and experiments covered are consistently taught in most, if not all, introduction to psychology courses.

Theorists in set 1:

Freud, Marcia, Piaget, Zimbardo, Chomsky, Bowlby, Maslow, Kohlberg, Erikson

Theories in set 1:

Psychoanalytic theory, 4 statuses of identity formation, attachment theory, theory of cognitive development, egocentrism, language acquisition device, defense mechanisms, hierarchy of needs, stages of moral development, bystander effect, theory of mind, stages of psychosocial development

Experiments in set 1:

The marshmallow test, The Stanford prison experiment, Asch conformity experiment

This resources contains:

  • 23 cards (22 task cards, 1 title card)
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answer key