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Classification of Living Things is a comprehensive set of printable, black-and-white Student Worksheets (PLUS Answer Sheets) that will not just save you heaps of time but that students will find both instructional AND enjoyable, with engaging cut-and-paste and fill-in-the-gaps activities (requiring Internet research) and an exercise where students get to classify the members of their own class. Suitable for years 7 – 9, Classification of Living Things can be used as class work, homework, revision and even tests.

Classification of Living Things covers the following:

  • distinction between things that are ‘living’, ‘non-living’ and ‘dead’

  • constructing and testing a dichotomous key for classification

  • the five-kingdom classification system: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista and Monera

  • features of the five classes of vertebrates: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish

  • features of common invertebrate classes: arthropods, molluscs, poriferans, cnidarians, echinoderms, nematodes, platyhelminths and annelids

  • classifying living things into groups

  • definition of a ‘species’

Along with printable worksheets, Classification of Living Things includes a digital (PowerPoint) version at no extra cost, giving teachers a choice as to which they prefer to use – taking into account the different learning styles of their students.

Classification of Living Things is not just about answering questions. Your students will enjoy the ‘active’ nature of the tasks here, including:

  • shading/colouring diagrams

  • completing cut-and-paste activities

  • filling in the gaps using words from a list

  • conducting Internet research

  • completing a group/class activity involving construction and testing of a dichotomous key to classify their class

Classification of Living Things includes an Answer Key (PDF) with images in full colour that look great on the big screen and can be used to facilitate good class discussion. Answers provided are highly detailed where necessary, so there is no need to research or fact-check here; it’s all been done for you.

I hope you and your students find this product useful and that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Praise for Ariana’s Active Science & Biology worksheets:

“I used about 95% of the worksheets with my kids this year and it was a gem during remote learning. Honestly the best resource I’ve ever purchased” – Emma Palmer (via Facebook)

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