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Add a little sparkle to your classroom management using these classroom achievements printable stickers as a reward system. Students will be eager to collect them all! There are 25 different printable stickers and 25 editable blank stickers to create your own achievement stickers. We also included a sticker book for them to keep track of their stickers.

The zip file includes:

* 25 Classroom Achievement Stickers For Boys

* 25 Classroom Achievement Stickers For Girls

* 50 Editable Blank Achievement Stickers

* 2 Sticker Books (10 pages)

The files are in PDF and in Powerpoint.

* Sticker size is around 2 inches by 2 inches (5.08cm) or (50.8 mm)

* Classroom Achievement Stickers

Great Listener

Best Effort

Rocking Reading

Super Reader

Staying Focused

Hard Worker

Getting Right to Work

Giving 100%

Caring Cleaner

Neat Desk

Raising Your Hand

Good Choice

My Best for Our Guest

Super for Our Sub

Helping Others

Master of Manners

Packing Up Pro

Math Magician

Math Master

Creative Writer

Helpful Hero

Homework Hero

Doing My Best

Best Behavior

Peace Keeper

Friend to All

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