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here are 12 recipes. In my classroom we made a recipe once a month on a Friday (Food Frenzy Friday)! My students loved all the recipes!

Teacher Directions and Information:

I have compiled and edited all of these recipes, adapting them for the classroom. I have included a list of supplies you will need in order to complete each recipe. Each recipe and a sequenced step by step guide for students to follow. I print the recipe/instructions page for my students. When you print, click scale (fit) to paper.

Personal tip- I like to have enough cooking items to complete the recipe in 4 small groups. This could be completed as a whole group, allowing students to come to the front of the class, taking turns.

If you want to make the recipes in 4 small group you can quadruple the recipe. I always ask parents to donate items. My parents love that I am teaching life skills like cooking.


•Students will be able to follow multi-step directions to compete a recipe.

•Students will be able to identify units of measurement.

Kitchen Items needed to complete the activities.

All recipes can be made with only a microwave, a set of dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cup (2 cup size), 9×13 pan, 9×9 pan, spatula for mixing, forks, spoons, butter knives (plastic utensils work fine), medium and small mixing bowls, pie pan, knife, Zester (or fine grater), cookie sheets and a refrigerator.