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Help students know what’s coming next with these daily schedule cards. Fun colors will match your rainbow classroom decor perfectly. Choose from 132 pre-made cards or type in your own!

Does your classroom need a visual schedule? Cards are also provided with picture support and 3 types of clocks to chose from. With all these options, you’re sure to find the perfect set!

Included in this Schedule Card Set:

Schedule cards measure 3″ tall by 7.5″ long

-132 pre-made cards with and without visual aids (clipart) in a primary font

– 132 pre-made cards without visual aids in a fun retro font

– 4 styles of editable cards (with both fonts embedded)

Editable cards come with the retro fun designs but do NOT include the visual aid clipart. You do get cards where you can add your own clipart!

– Headers that read “Daily Schedule” & “Today’s Schedule” each in both fonts, 2 styles, and 5 bright colors.

Each header measures 10.75″ by 4.75-6″ depending on the font

– 3 clock styles- analog clocks (with moveable hands), digital clocks (type/write in the time) & a combo clock with an analog clock on top and a digital clock on the bottom (moveable hands and type/write in the time). Each clock card is 3″ by 3″