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Celebrate diversity and create an inclusive learning environment with this set of over 40 multicultural greeting signs that will help every child and their family to feel a sense of belonging in your classroom, by learning, sharing, and using greetings in their language.

These “hello” wall posters would be fantastic in a school entry or hallway, or in your classroom. Your class could learn how to say hello in a different language every week, with children who speak the language of the week getting to be the expert.

There are four border designs: rainbows, pastels, neutrals, and ink saver.

The posters come 2 per page and 4 per page.

These signs look great printed on photo paper, or print them and laminate them.

I’ve created 5 sets specifically tailored to the 38 most commonly spoken languages in the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, along with up to 7 of the most commonly spoken indigenous languages in each of those countries.

As it’s not possible to include signs for all languages, I have included editable versions of the borders (2 per page), so that no child has to miss out – they’ll be happy to help you learn how to say “hello” in their language, and you will be able to get a sign made up quickly so they can feel proud of their language being displayed in your classroom.

Please note these are transliterations only, not written in each language’s script.