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Classroom jobs are a great way to teach your students leadership, accountability, and responsibility.

These classroom jobs for high school students include 9 jobs

1. Administrative Manager

2. Sanitation Comissioner

3. Environmental Manager

4. Head Librarian

5. Supply Director

6. IT Manager

7. Distribution Manager

8. Liaison Manager

9. Student Well-Being Manager

It includes:

Job description and skills needed

Job IDs

Performance Rating

Application Form

Inventory Sheets for Head Librarian and Supply Director

Editable Certificate of Recognition

Editable Certificate of Appreciation

Template for List of Applicants for each job

Blank Templates available for:

Job description and skills needed if you want to add more

Performance rating if you want to create your own rating

Job IDs if you want to create more jobs

To add text on the blank templates, follow these steps:

1. Open the file in Powerpoint

2. Click on ‘INSERT”

3. Then click on “TEXT BOX”

4. A box will pop out on the blank template

5. Put your cursor inside the text box and you can type the text you want to add.

Files are in Powerpoint, JPEG format, A4 size