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Classroom management can be tough, especially when we all have Spring Fever! I wanted to create something that was fun but also motivational for your students at the end of the year. That is why I created classroom management bingo! Classroom Management Bingo is the perfect way to keep your students engaged! This BINGO game is an easy, ready to use plan to manage your class.


This whole class management plan will be fun for your students as they earn bingo cards to put on the board. Classroom management has never been easier for you!


Use these bingo boards:

Whole Class

Daily Behavior goals

An area you want your students to work on (recess, lunchtime, group etc)


This is a print and digital activity. There is a built in spinner on google slides for you to use to select the pieces. 

A great way to get students engaged in classroom management and excited!

For the print version:


Print out the board as well as the pieces.


Stick Velcro on the pieces as well as the board.

When students show rewarding behavior they get to choose a bingo piece and it goes on the board.


For the Digital activity:

The board is on google slides as a background. The color pieces are moveable.

When students show rewarding behavior, click the spinner to be taken to it.

Spin the wheel and drag that selected piece over to the board!