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Are you looking for a highly motivating, classroom management system that doesn’t cost a fortune? These reward coupons are exactly that!


Students earn special privileges for good behavior and you avoid the hassle of constantly filling up that old treasure box. Win-win!


My students absolutely LOVE getting these coupons and work really hard to earn them! The best rewards are ones that are meaningful to the child. Letting them choose their own is an incredible motivator.


There are 36 different reward coupons in this set:

  • Art Break – 10 minutes to color or draw
  • Bubble Fun – Blow bubbles at recess
  • Chalkboard Bandit – Write on chalkboard
  • Classroom Comedian – Tell a joke to the class
  • Dance Party – 5 minute dance party for the class
  • Desk Duty – Sit at the teacher’s desk
  • Extra recess for class
  • Extra Tech Time
  • Furry Friend – Bring a stuffed animal to school
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy – Wear your slippers to school
  • Game Day – Pick a game for the class
  • Hat Day – Wear your favorite hat to class
  • Homework pass – Skip an assignment
  • King for a Day – Wear a crown for the day
  • Lucky Leader – Be the line leader for the day
  • Lunch with a friend
  • Lunch with teacher
  • Music Maniac – Listen to music while you work
  • Neat-O Feet-O – Take your shoes off in class
  • Pajama Day – Wear your PJs to school
  • Pencil Pass – sharpen your pencil whenever you want
  • Pick a Job – Choose any job for the day
  • Pick A Pen – write with a pen for the day
  • Pick from the treasure box (in case you really still want to use your treasure chest)
  • Popcorn Party
  • Popsicle Party
  • Positive phone home
  • Positive note home
  • Sit by a friend
  • Skip morning work
  • Sock Day -Sit in your socks all day
  • Story Selector – Pick a story for the teacher to read
  • Sweet Treat – Pick from candy jar
  • Take a Seat – Pick your favorite place to sit
  • Teacher’s Helper
  • Yum Yum Chew Some Gum


There are 8 coupons on a page.


The file also includes larger 3×5 coupons that can be used to make a “coupon catalog” rather than printing individual ones to give to students. This is a great way to save ink and paper. Once students earn a coupon, they can shop in the catalog and choose their reward. A small photo album with sleeve pages works perfectly for this and you can get one for about a dollar.