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Teenagers need to be constantly reminded of rules and expectations in the classroom. These rules and expectations could serve as a guide to help them stay on track and out of trouble, continue to practice good manners, feel safe and supported in school.

The file is in power point version, A4 in size and in JPEG format.

List of Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Treat others fairly

Pay attention in class

Listen to the teachers and adults in school

Lend a helping hand to others

Come to school ready and prepared

Stay on task

Be kind to others

Be friendly and sociable

Show respect to others

Cooperate with others

Don’t be mean on the screen

Make smart choices

Be responsible

Be organized

Don’t ruin someone’s reputation by spreading gossip

Be forgiving

Follow rules

Raise your hand if you want to participate and ask questions

Be honest

Don’t pick fights

Eat healthy

Work quietly