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Ready to tackle one of the most debated and difficult situations that
face the earth – climate change? There are lots of things to explore
when thinking about climate change. This project based learning unit
focuses on identifying effects and exploring solutions. As the earth
gets warmer and warmer the causes, mechanisms, or impacts of climate
change on our planet is something that is important to discuss with
young children. It is also crucial to explore solutions and ideas that
can help us build a better future.

The package contains:

1. What do you know? What do you want to learn?

2. What is the difference between weather and climate?

3. Ask the Penguin questions about climate change

4. Main Reasons people cause the climate to become warmer

5. What is Global Climate?

6. Mind map global warming indicators

7. Imagine that you are a polar bear. . . a coral fish. . .sitting on the moon watching the Earth. . . walking in a forest

8. Facts & Lies

9. Trees and Greenhouse Gases

10. Trees are important!

11. Why is the climate changing?

12. Greenhouse effect

13. Greenhouse Gases – What is good? What is the problem?

14. A little extra warming

15. It matters what we do. Work with nature!

16. My action plan

17. Spread the message about climate change

18. Visions of the future. A bright and sunny vision! A little darker vision!

19. Reflection on the learning

20. Question cards – How can I help?