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Great for Distance Learning! Prep free! Teaching Holidays through Close Reading and Fine Arts using GLAD strategies.

Materials include lesson plans, activity pages, and posters with both student version and teacher’s version (with teaching scripts).

This is a mini bundle of 6 individual products. Each product comes with:

• Student Package:

—- Info Organizer

—- Reading Passage(s)

—- Text Dependent Questions Set(s)

—- Vocabulary Sheet

• Teacher Package

—- Info Organizer with Answers

—- Reading Passage(s) with Reading Marks

—-Text Dependent Questions Set (s) with Answers

—- Vocabulary Sheet with Answers

—- Drawings (with & without labels) in Color and Black Line

—- Lesson Plan (embedded in 2 teaching scripts: 1 for Reading Passage and 1 for Text Dependent Questions Set)

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