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Challenge your students to crack the codes and solve the riddles hidden in this fun and engaging enrichment activity packet! Perfect for an after school class, homework, centers, substitute work, and much more! No prep, just print and go!


Practice key spelling, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills all in one activity!

Students use the picture code to uncover a hidden riddle. They then write the riddle down and draw a picture of the answer! There is also a spot for them to write the answer to the riddle beneath their picture.


What’s Included:

  • 1 cover page to create student packets
  • 10 code breaker riddle sheets
  • 10 answer writing & picture sheets


I use these activities each year to teach an after school enrichment class. Usually, I assign two per class and it ends up being five classes worth of fun!


The Riddles Are:

  1. What has four legs but can not walk? (a table)
  2. What keeps things cold as it runs? (a refrigerator)
  3. I follow you around but can’t be caught. (your shadow)
  4. What has hands but can never clap? (a clock)
  5. What has a tail and a face but no body? (a coin)
  6. What’s full of holes but still holds water? (a sponge)
  7. What gets wetter the more it dries? (a towel)
  8. You use me to look through walls. (a window)
  9. What needs fuel but not water? (a fire)
  10. You watch me but I can’t see you. (a television)