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This set of 3 worksheets is great practice for students learning about collective nouns. Includes brief explanations of what they are and how they act like singular nouns.

  • Worksheet #1 gives examples, asks students to underline collective nouns in given
    sentences, and asks students to choose the best collective noun to fill in blanks in sentences;
  • Worksheet #2 asks students to match collective nouns with the words they go with. They also will choose collective nouns to fill in blanks in sentences, and write their own sentences using a given collective noun;
  • Worksheet #3 explains how to use collective nouns like singular nouns, and asks students to
    decide whether underlined words in sentences are collective nouns or plural nouns.

Designed for Grades 2-3. Great for use as part of regular curriculum, extra practice, or review.

Supports Common Core Standards L.2.1, L.2.1a, L.3.1.